April 13th through April 20th
Join the AfroMundo team for a weeklong, arts and humanities festival that explores the histories, traditions, literature, rhythms, cultural practices and ethnic and racial complexities of Latinidad.

Narratives are foundational to history, religion, culture, class, race; as well as to political, economic, educational, environmental, health policies and more. Yet the narratives of Afro and of African Americans have historically been overlooked and are in danger of being erased from libraries and curriculums. AfroMundo’s idea is that nuanced humanities conversations can and should take place within community.

This year’s festival Maroons, Rebels, Dreamers and Visionaries, employs literature, folk traditions, films, panel discussions, and demonstrations of religious and cultural practices to share diasporic narratives. This year’s programs highlight the diverse heritage, traditions, histories, aspirations and current conditions of life for Black peoples in Columbia, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and the USA. The festival seeks to promote a greater understanding of our shared humanity. All panels include question and answer sessions. Programs are in humanistic dialogue with others in the series to provide multifaceted perspectives.

For a comprehensive overview of the festival’s array of events, we invite you to visit the “schedule of events” link and encourage your swift registration, as these events, while free and open to the public, are renowned for reaching capacity well in advance due to their wide appeal. Among the list of diverse programs and scholars, the festival concludes with distinguished musical artist Afro-Colombian singer and Grammy Nominee, Nidia Gongóra. You won’t want to miss it or any of these events!

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Seeking to understand who we are, who we were and who we aspire to be.